Destiny? What destiny?

On June 1, 2006

I don’t believe in the destiny and don’t try to idealize my partner. Every person is a world, sometimes having similar features, sometimes completely opposite. The belief that you are meant for each other by the heavens is most often a romance, somewhat far from reality. It is this vision that leads to a quick and deep disappointment. It is better to imagine family life as a long journey, allowing to open all the faces of the chosen one, together with him to overcome the difficulty and experience joy. Besides, according to here you have all chances. Love at a distance is possible, and you could see it in some films about the first love. Psychologists, after analyzing the many relationships that have developed at a distance, noted that such an alliance can be very strong. Being in the distance from each other, people often turn to bright and bright memories, “warming up” their relationship, they gladly “relish” pleasant moments. Especially it is possible, thanks to the Internet, when the whole world is in the palm of your hand.