Conditions of participation 2016

On December 27, 2015

XIII International Festival of Orthodox Music “Virgin Mary – It is Truly Meet”, Pomorie, Bulgaria,

10 – 14 June, 2016



Conditions of Participation

Participation in the International Festival of Orthodox Music “Virgin Mary – It is Truly Meet”- town of Pomorie is possible for Bulgarian and foreign choirs, chamber ensembles (professional or amateur casts), children’s choirs, cleric singers and priests. All performances of the festival program will be presented in front of an audience in the “Nativity of Virgin Mary” church at the town of Pomorie.


  1. Orthodox church choirs – they regularly take part in orthodox worships and their members are not more than 36 singers.
  2. Eastern singing – cleric singers and / or priests, and chamber ensembles may participate.
  3. Mixed and homogeneous choirs or vocal ensembles – they are not permanently engaged in the worships and they include no more than 36 performers.


  1. For all categories the program must be composed of orthodox chants included in the worships (excluding spiritual songs).

2. One of the chants must be ” It is Truly Meet”.

  1. At least one of the chants must be by an author from the country that is a participant in the festival.
  2. It is desirable that:

– one chant shall be created before 1800;

– at least one chant shall be created in the XX – XXI century;

– authors from different countries shall be included in the program.

– a chant of Alexander Arkhangelsky shall be included in honour of the 170th anniversary of the birth of the composer.

  1. The program in the categories 2 and 3 shall not continue less than 15 minutes and not more than 20 minutes, and the program of the individual performers in the category 2 – Eastern singing – shall be within 10-15 minutes.The duration of any work shall be noted in the program.
  2. Changes in the stated program will be available until 01/05/2016.
  3. 7. All participants must present their program in a liturgical language; new language translations and accompaniment are not allowed.

Accompanying program:

During the festival all the casts will have the opportunity:

– to take part in festive worships at Pomorie, Burgas and Nessebar.

– to take part with a free program /secular, folklore, spiritual songs, and etc. / on the outdoor scene at the town of Pomorie.

Address for sending the applications:

All the correspondence /application forms, enquiries, and etc. / must be sent in electronic form to the following address:

For more information:

Pomorie Municipality, Address: 8200 Pomorie, 5 Solna Str.

Each cast must add the following documents to the application form of participation:

a short biography of the choir and the conductor – up to 10 lines (this information is required to be included in the advertising materials)

– pictures of the choir and the conductor;

– recently made recording /audio or video/, including at least three orthodox chants in the following format: mp3, mp4, wma, wav, avi, mpeg.

– a copy of the scores of all chants included in the festival program;

– a list of the participants, including full name, date of birth and gender.

Each cast must send a completed application form of participation until March 1 (Tuesday) 2016.


Members of the Festival secretariat will make a selection of the choirs on the basis of the documents submitted. Casts will be informed of the decision of the Commission not later than March 25, 2016.

Participation fees are as follows:

Choirs containing up to 12 participants must send a participation fee of 100 levs (50 euro) per cast, choirs containing from 13 to 20 participants – 150 levs (75 euro) per cast, and choirs containing from 21 to 36 participants – 200 levs (100 euro) per cast until April 25, (Monday), 2016.

Individual participants in the category 2 – Eastern singing – must pay 10 levs (5 euro) per person until April 25, (Monday), 2016.

Participation fees must be sent to the following bank account:



IBAN accountBG86UNCR70008422550814


Payment type code: 44 40 00

Fees are non-refundable.


– All expenses are borne by the participants.

– Internal transport, related to the performance of the festival program, will be borne by the organizers.

– For all choirs the transportation costs to and from the town of Pomorie are borne by the participants.

– The participation fee includes documentary recordings containing the performances of the casts in the festival program, which will be sent to all choirs.

Rights and obligations

Organizers have all rights on the performances during the festival, advertising activity, broadcasting of concerts by various media, issuing of audio or video discs and other materials and their circulation in Bulgaria and abroad, without any obligations to the participating casts.

Festival organizers are responsible for the entire conduct of the festival and concert program.

Aplication form 2016